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Stormwater Management Diversity

A 25-unit townhouse development in the heart of Wheaton, designed by CAS Engineering, utilizes multiple stormwater management devices. Due to limited available area, the desire to maximize unit yield, and the need to address Environmental Site Design (ESD) and Flood Protection (QF) criterion, the creative use of structural treatment devices, landscape planter boxes, landscape infiltration, permeable pavers, and underground storage was critical. The underground storage system includes a sizable concrete StormTrap® facility consisting of 44 precast concrete units. The facility provides 16,793 cubic feet of storage which will control runoff from the site and limit stormwater discharge to pre-development rates; thus, negating any impacts to the existing public storm drain system and downstream properties.

Visit the StormTrap® website for more information.

Civil Design: CAS Engineering
Development: K. Hovnanian Homes
Site/Utility Contractor: Gaines & Company

Rare New Lots - Vassar Circle - National Chautauqua of Glen Echo

The Chautauqua movement was founded in 1874 in New York State by a Methodist minister. The National Chautauqua of Glen Echo was subsequently founded in 1889. The center of Vassar Circle was designated as "Reservation for Women's Temple." Over time it became home to several other churches.

More recently, CAS Engineering obtained approval to subdivide Vasser Circle into four lots, the first new lots in The Town of Glen Echo in years. At a glance, the project may look as simple as slicing up a pizza, but it presented many challenges. Lot yield and density had been maximized. Eight different stormwater management micro-scale devices will be used to meet County criteria. Several waivers and exemptions were necessary relative to road and tree codes. Vassar Circle will also be improved to meet Fire and Rescue requirements - in a Town where all of the streets are both narrow and heavily parked. Due to the uniquely wedge-shape lots architecture was considered early on in the process. Ultimately, we expect the four new homes to blend seamlessly into the fabric of this historic town.

For more information on the history of Glen Echo, visit the National Park Service [here].

The Chautauqua movement is still alive and well at the Chautauqua Institute. Visit them [here].

Cold Sweats at the Settlement Table?

You know the feeling. Sitting at the settlement table, second-guessing your plans for the property you're about to spend a great deal of money on. Is my teardown/rebuild plan feasible? How bad is my front setback? Is the property in a municipality? What are the side setbacks? Will they make the house too narrow? Will I need a minor subdivision record plat or a subdivision exemption?

Avoid those fears and have CAS Engineering prepare a Preliminary Building Envelope Study. Among other things, we review the plats and deeds, analyze the county zoning requirements, determine if the lot is in a municipality, check for platted easements, and confirm water and sewer availability. With the research complete we prepare a plan summarizing our findings, illustrating the applicable setbacks, and dimensions showing the approximate size of the buildable area.

We know time is critical so we'll often have a PBES to you in a matter of days. Click [here] to view a sample.

Twenty Years of Montgomery County Infill

Bear with us as we reminisce about our first infill project. The year was 1997 and our client paid $450,000 for a corner lot teardown in Edgemoor. Architectural design and construction were by the talented team of Glenn Fong and Gibson Builders.

Fast forward 20 years and the CAS Engineering team finds itself fortunate enough to have worked on over 75 single-family infill projects in Edgemoor alone. It has been years since we’ve seen a cheap corner lot in Edgemoor or a single page Building Permit Site Plan for that matter. But, Edgemoor continues to thrive.

Despite NIMBY fears of "McMansionization," a walk through Edgemoor shows how redevelopment can make an established community even more attractive, vibrant, and desirable.

MoCo Contractor's Alert: Check Your Sediment Control Green Card

If you haven't looked at your Sediment Control Green Card in a while this may be a good time. Cards issued prior to 12/31/2016 are no longer valid. New cards are available by completing the on-line course at the S.H.A. website [here]. The course takes more than a few hours but is at least broken into manageable sessions. This may be the perfect task to knock out on a rainy day.

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