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Zoning Changes are Coming to the District!

In January, the District adopted a new Zoning Ordinance. The new regulations (all 900+ pages of them!) take effect September 6, 2016. To be vested under the current rules you MUST submit a complete Building Permit Application by September 5th. It's impossible to summarize the new regulations in this limited space, but here are a few interesting changes:

  • Penthouse rules now allow for more flexibility relative to multiple heights and uses
  • Lot width and calculation methods now largely prohibit "pipestem" or "panhandle" lots in single-family residential zones
  • Downtown "D" zones no longer have minimum parking requirements
  • Residential zones now have front yard setback criteria that must be met. For those familiar with Montgomery County, this is similar to the Established Building Line Survey (E.B.L.)

The new DC Zoning Ordinance can be found here.
A new DC Zoning Map can be found here.

New District Tree Regulations

On May 4th, the Council of the District of Columbia passed and the Mayor signed D.C. Act 21-386. Also known as the Tree Canopy Protection Amendment Act of 2016, the amendments proposed by Act 21-386 become effective in thirty days when congress is in session following the mayoral signing. Among other changes, the new legislation prohibits removal of certain large trees across all zones, not just within tree and slope overlays.

Feel free to contact the CAS Engineering staff early in the design development process to discuss how this, and other regulations, may impact your project.

Modernization of Historic Fillmore School

CAS Engineering is proud to announce our selection, along with Barnes Vanze Architects and Campion Hruby Landscape Architects, for the S&R Foundation's renovation and expansion of the historic Fillmore School in Georgetown. The project will update the historic building and provide the facilities necessary to improve the S&R Foundation's mission of supporting the arts, sciences and social entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to a UMD Graduate!

Congratulations are in order for Jake Kirkwood, a former CAS Engineering intern who is now our newest Project Engineer. Jake graduated from the University of Maryland's James A. Clark School of Engineering with a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Jake will join the CAS DC Branch office at Farragut Square.

Congratulations to another UMD Graduate!

Congratulations go out to Matt Landsman as well, another former CAS intern. Matt also graduated from the University of Maryland's James A. Clark School of Engineering with a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Matt will continue his education at UMD, where he will pursue an MS in Environmental Engineering as a Research Assistant to Dr. Allen P. Davis, PhD. His research project involves the field study of stormwater management systems monitoring nitrogen, phosphorus, and suspended solids removal using high flow media.

MC: Montgomery County Wage Hikes

[WMAL] County Councilman Marc Elrich has sponsored a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour by 2020. Read the bill here.

DC: H Street Corridor

As-built surveys are wrapping up at the Corey Condominiums, an exciting new project in DC's H Street Corridor. Architecture by Square 134 Architects and development by Lock 7 Development, LLC. []

MC: Rooftop Gardens in Chevy Chase, MD

The Washingtonian reports on a CAS project with not one, but two rooftop gardens. []

DC: WAMU Report on the Zoning Changes

[WAMU] Local news outlet WAMU reports on the new DC Zoning Regulations.

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