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CAS Engineering
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  • Curt A. Schreffler
  • Jeffrey A. Robertson
  • David J. Ritchie
  • David C. Landsman
  • Karen A. Martino
  • Darci D. Holston
  • Eric B. Tidd
  • James M. Ochs
  • Brent D. Allgood
  • Jeffrey A. Hammond
  • Jared M. Sims Carhart
  • Martin S. Landsman
  • Phillip D. Long
  • Patrick N. Kauffman
  • Bradley D. Ralph


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The CAS Engineering Team - vCards

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  Curt A. Schreffler, P.E.    President 
  Jeffrey A. Robertson    Branch Manager/Senior Project Manager 
  James M. Ochs    Operations Manager/Senior Project Manager 
  Eric B. Tidd, P.E.    Senior Project Manager 
  Jared M. Sims Carhart, P.E.    Senior Project Manager 
  Jared J. Pantella, P.E., Prof. L.S.    Senior Project Manager 
  Stephanie M. Fisher    Project Engineer 
  Jeffrey A. Hammond, Prof. L.S.    Survey Project Manager 
  Phillip D. Long    Permit Technician 
  Karen A. Martino    Engineering Support/Property Management 
  Darci D. Holston    Office Manager 
  David C. Landsman, P.E., Prof. L.S.    Manager